Programmes - Level 2 Exploring Community Relations Equity and Diversity

Exploring CRED OCN Level 2 The Department of Education introduced the new CRED policy in 2011, the overarching aim of the policy is about educating young people to develop self respect and respect for others and to promote equality and end discrimination.

We have developed a new programme in response to the increasing need for people to explore the issues around Community Relations Equity and Diversity called Exploring CRED accredited through OCNNI at Level 2

The course takes the learners through a series of conversations, using digital resources, group exercises and discussions based on active learning methods which are designed to help participants understand and develop their thinking on the range of issues such as discrimination, sectarianism, and prejudice.

The course can be run for adult and youth groups. The course explores our individual and groups identity looking at where we get our identity from, how does it impact and influence our lives and behavior, also discussing our heritage and culture, and prejudice and discrimination.

The course can be tailored to meet individual groups needs around the areas of prejudice and discrimination and at times and venues suitable for group learning

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