Programmes - Journeys Through Faith

Journeys Through Faith and Culture Overview


1. To introduce a group of young people to the unique wisdom on faith and culture from people from across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

2. Provide the opportunity to develop a knowledge based from which participants can contribute to these issues positively in their own schools


1. The main methods of deliver will be visits, presentations and group work in school time, in the evenings or on residential’s

2. Two peer educators will be trained and used to engage the group

3. Self-reflection through young people sharing their learning through learning logs or video recordings that will be posted online.

Module 1 – The role of perception: recognizing the grey
  • Trust building
  • Self perception
  • Understanding the role of perceptions in violence
Module 2 – Faith and society
  • Understanding Catholicism in Northern Ireland and Ireland
  • Understanding Protestantism in Northern Ireland and Ireland
Module 3 – Culture and society
  • Understanding the arts
  • Understanding sports

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